Saturday, December 26, 2009

Claire Baker Large Paintings

This is paragraph from the artist statement about this work “Elysian Fandango”: “Elysian Fandango,” a series of plein-air paintings and drawings, toys with a contemporaneous version of nature in Los Angeles through repeated observation from one fixed perspective. The gaze falls over the Elysian Hills of LA, on the survival-driven bamboo, on the unforgiving sun, and ultimately on the domestic fragmentation of a wild-urban landscape, my own backyard. Changing affinities of color, line, and format determine the distinct drama of each picture. The same landscape becomes radically different, not only altered by time of day, but also through my structural transformations. Uniting the series and surrounding the eye is a romantic, physical, and cathedral-like perspective created by one steady gaze on nature.

This work is titled “Bamboo Vesper” and is oil on canvas, 66” x 75”.

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