Friday, February 26, 2010

Claire Baker continued, ink on paper

Claire Baker, continues her work in plein air but uses a different medium, ink on paper. Continuing with her artist statement Claire explains further how she achieves the look of the work: "The sensibility of drawing prevails in both the drawing and the painting, as defined by how the light of the page offers the eye the most direct mark of the hand. The handling of oil paint on canvas and walnut ink on paper correspond to one another. A range of transparency and opacity in the paint application builds the bond between the forms of the painting and the particular light of the colored ground. The method of paint application parallels the application of ink. Diluting the ink to different weights of transparency creates a full tonal range within the drawing, allowing the light to emanate out from the white of the paper, echoing the application of paint."

The work shown here is from a collection titled, Morning Glory Twine. The group of images are 29.25” x 23.25” framed, and are a great example of her style, capturing the mood and feel of the moment. This is just a sample of a work of 8 that can be hung individually or in groups of four. It's a beautiful collection of work that would fit in any environment.

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