Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Please don't act a fool in the club: A memory of the Sugar Shack

This has got to be one of the most colorful shows I've seen in quite a while.  Imagine my surprise in entering the Richard Heller Gallery and finding this bright and cheerful artist work.  All I could do was smile. Then I saw the title of the show and had a good laugh.  Brotherman knows what he's talking about.  Devon Troy Strother is an interesting artist who works with cutouts and collage.  He's way different than Kara Walker.  Much more upbeat, up mood.  His work reflects the lives of Blacks with much more humor and joy. The collage work is geometric, kaleidoscope like and trickled throughout with confetti . Devon’s work sparkles it shouts of life, of people who are alive having lots of fun regardless of the situation.  yet on closer inspection some of the faces are serious, even nervous but involved deeply in the moment.  Some of the faces were curious placed on the figures.  Devon uses color to insert joy or at least hope into all the situations he creates.  And the titles of the work, well you could just enjoy seeing his representation of work titled, “Please don't shoot up the dance floor”, or “Nigga stop Lyon” or my favorite, “Drunk bitches fighting in the bathroom”.  I really enjoyed this show and had a smile on my face throughout my visit.  I hope to see more of Devon’s work in the future.  He's definitely and emerging artist to follow. 

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