Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Santa Monica Museum of Art

combustione: Alberto Burri and America
September 11 - December 18
From the website:
Alberto Burri (1915–1995) was a seminal artistic figure of the 20th Century, a forebear to many artists and artistic movements—from Pop Art to Arte Povera—both in Italy and the United States. Burri’s fame is great in his native Italy, but he remains relatively unknown in the United States, despite the fact that for over 25 years he would winter in his home in the Hollywood Hills, where he produced more than 60 major works of art. Combustione: Alberto Burri and America—a tightly focused exhibition featuring 36 major works from 1951 to 1990—pays particular attention to both his reception and his production in the United States.

Combustione highlights projects that occupied Burri in the twenty-five-year period during which he worked in L.A. This landmark exhibition of Burri’s work defines Burri’s importance as an artist for a new generation of Americans.  Curated by Lisa Melandri.

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