Friday, November 12, 2010

Manfred Muller

I visited the studio of Manfred Muller a few weeks ago.  His work interests me because of his relationship between architecture and sculpture.  Muller's compositions and evocative use of depth allow the viewer to really examine his work and get an understanding of where he is going. Take for instance this piece, upon first glance you wonder what material the form is made of. It appears to be a type of metal surface that has been distressed. Or some sort of felt like wool material but on closer inspection you see a softness of the material, and realize that the work is made completely of paper.  This work from the "Prelude," "UMS," and "LCI Dawn" series all use paper folded, scored and painted. While the latter two series tend to favor flatness, the pieces to maintain a strong connection with the sense of space in his previous works.  I particularly love this work in red.  What do you think?

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