Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rachel Lachowicz at Shoshana Wayne Gallery

Who knew you could translate cosmetic products into meaningful art? Rachel's Lachowicz's did and she's been doing it for years.  Her practice uses such products as lipstick and eyeshadow pigment to explore the meaning of feminism.  Her manipulation of the products to create work that is about women, from women and relates to women, and their struggle with their femininity. Her use of different types of pigment is incredibly detailed and intricate. I enjoyed seeing how she designed the plexiglass containers in all sorts of shapes and sizes varyingly placed combinations of hues and shades of blue pigment. Instead of packing the pigment tightly into each shape, the product was sifted into the plexiglass creating yet another unexpected texture. The other work that stood out was a pink structure made of soap and designed from styrofoam buffers. The pink pigment is one she designed and the closer you get your nose is greeted with the scent is of bergamot, a nod to the location of the gallery.

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