Monday, March 8, 2010

Jonathan Lasker at LA Louver

Visited LA Louver Gallery in Venice over the weekend and saw an extraordinary exhibition by the artist Jonathan Lasker. You are taken by the force of his use of thickly applied paint mostly in primary colors. But also canvases where the background is pretty much white with black squiggly lines. Don’t let the lines fool you, they are placed with a symmetry that may not be obvious at first, but upon further inspection you begin to see the ebb and flow of the lines. The colors are intense and can be a bit jarring and off putting, but keep looking, the more you look the more you'll see. His way of communicating his abstract roots is very interesting and challenging to view. Mr. Lasker is an artist who lives in NYC and is rather well known abroad. This is his first show in LA since 1995.

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