Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jennifer Steinkamp

Jennifer Steinkamp opened the fall season at Acme Gallery with her new work "Orbit". 4 pieces of programing genius that is at once amazing and encompassing. Projected onto 4 walls in the first gallery are colorful foiliage swimming and gliding around branches in a twirling spinning whirl of beautiful dreamlike movement. It's like branches and leaves all dance to the same music yet there is not music. The leaves all colorful and changing colors while moving in a symphony of elegant giration. I swear when I entered the room I wanted to lay down and soak in all the colors and movements and delve into another world examining movement and wind and color and flora and zen.

The next room contained one wall complete with squiggly ribbon lines that swirl and move in a more slow and focused trail spiraling up the wall. Colorful ribbons or string just moving gently up the wall in a spiraling motion all the while the colors change ever so slightly ever move toward the top. The motion is amazing and wondrous. It envelopes you in its world of unending movement. I love this work. Jennifer is continuing her pursuit of projected computer generated moving images. Colorful and bright. In her last work, Jennifer projected a waterfall of moving brightly colored flora and fauna swirling towards the sky. My favorite piece so far, is the wonderful butterfly work that ever so lightly projects colorful, flying butterflies moving around and designated space. This work fills the space nicely, seemingly floating in a contained area without containment. This work can be found in the entrance of the new Ronald Reagan Hospital at UCLA campus.

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