Thursday, May 13, 2010

I think I got the message

I visited the gallery of Roberts & Tilton in Culver City the other day and found this very interesting exhibition by Adam Pendleton. The exhibition is called EL T D K and boy it’s all that. It’s a conceptual venture and very much coded. But I think I got the message.

Mr. Pendleton lifts fragments of text from 60’s radical Amiri Baraka poetry and leaves us to ponder the coded text. I really liked the show. I am not familiar at all with the artist but I was moved to delve deeper and find out more. The paintings reminded me of Morse code and left me with the idea that information is always right in front of you, yet sometimes you get it and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you don’t want to get it. The bright colors, the placed dots and dashes engage you even deeper into the work as you attempt to decipher what the heck it all means or is trying to tell you. I really liked being pulled into the work and thinking about how and what the symbols and signs meant, the relay of information to people and between people through symbols etc. Is it clear, is it coded, is it understood? I think I got the message.

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