Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Winfred Rembert

I was so excited to discover this fantastic artist Winfred Rembert while visiting NYC last week. The canvas is hand tooled leather, which he paints with vibrant colors expressing his vision of African American life in the south. These images are so real and visually moving they seem to jump right off of the canvas. The pictures are of everyday life in the south, women finely dressed and waiting for dates, men toiling in the yards striped in jailhouse clothing, scenes of people enjoying the fruits of a very hot day and church goers in the throes of spiritual bliss. Amazing, amazing work reminiscent of Hale Woodruff, but much more vivid and 2 dimensional. This is work by a man who is completely self taught and had no awareness of his style or the styles of modern and contemporary arts. He is just a natural. A man who paints what he sees and feels and brings those images to life. Some works are purely design pieces, in shape, color and pattern, others are clearly settings that he himself would have participated in. If you’re in NYC, the Adelson Galleries on 82nd street.

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  1. As a woman whose family roots are in Cuthbert, Georgia, I'm tickled black to see Mr. Rembert's work. My parents lived across the street from the Hungry I and my father Fletcher Henderson Muse, Sr. was born and raised in Cuthbert. Mr. Rembert's work really captures an era of the South that was reflects so much on who formed us and how we were formed by family, historical circumstances and conditions both daunting and loving.