Friday, July 30, 2010

Hangin' Together by Guest Curator Kerry James Marshall

     Currently at Koplin Del Rio Gallery in Culver City, 1980's, internationally known artist Kerry James Marshall was invited to guest curate an exhibition featuring contemporary artists of his choice. As a guest curator he has brought a unique vision to the installation incorporating strong themes of social commentary and multi-media works.
     The title, "Hangin’ Together" implies the kind of relaxed, easy going social gathering embodied in end of summer reveries. Unburdened by a weighty theme, the show introduces work by two very recent graduates, Suné Woods and Stacy Mohammed, and showcases emerging artists David Lozano and Robert Pruitt, alongside long time practitioners Louis Serrano and Candida Alvarez. These artists represent a wide range of aesthetic and subjective approaches, but I believe, "Hang Together" very well. 
-- Kerry James Marshall.
     The show is very interesting and should be on your list of galleries to visit over the summer. The next wave of successful contemporary artists will definitely come out of this group show. Candida Alvarez work stood out with her use of abstraction and color to demonstrate memory. David Lozano’s work is also very interesting in the way he uses shapes and textures. Robert Pruitt’s portraitures were outstanding. Notably the artists work I like the most are two emerging artists and one long time practitioner. I thoroughly enjoyed this exhibition and Kerry James did a wonderful job of selecting the artists and compiling a show that is beautiful and challenging at the same time.

Exhibition Dates: July 24 – September 4, 2010

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