Monday, July 26, 2010

The Life-Size Bronze Crucifix

Believe it or not, before Simon Toparovsky began his life as an artist, he was an apprentice to hand bookbinders in the U.S. and England, studying restoration and conservation of rare books. Simon created a body of art works, one of kind books, which are recognized for honoring fine craftsmanship, innovation with materials and for pushing the conceptual boundaries of the field.

Toparovsky moved to Los Angeles in the 1980’s, continuing his experimentations with materials and process, his work with visual books evolved to become narrative sculpture. Working in bronze and cast iron, he has created panels, figures and objects from nature as elements for mixed-media installations that include architecture and landscapes, water and fire. With this work he has designed private gardens as well as large-scale public art projects. In 1998, he was commissioned to create the life-size bronze crucifix for the main altar of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels which was consecrated in September 2002.

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