Tuesday, August 3, 2010

American History 101 by Toni Scott

Sophia Louisa Projects at Phantom Galleries LA/Miracle Mile presented Toni Scott's American History 101 a few weeks back on Miracle Mile. Ms. Scott was recently awarded a grant from the Annenberg Foundation to create a solo, inaugural exhibition for the Gallery of Discovery at the California African American Museum of Art based on her Bloodline series. In June of this year she was also awarded Best Artist 2010 for her series Black Indians by the Semiroon Historical Society. American History 101 is Ms. Scott's first exhibition that combines the two series together, exploring her own African American and Native American heritage through contemporary art.  Her show was very interesting visually and somewhat thought provoking. I'm not so interested in the literal messages she presents but the quality of the work is fine. She melds American history together with Black American and American Indian history as well as confronting the various (his/her) stories with fantasy and realism.

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