Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Black is Brown and Brown is Beautiful

Is the name of the current show at the Charlie James Gallery in Chinatown.  This exhibition is timely, dealing with cultural and social issues.  Nery Gabriel Lemus is a locally born artist with family roots from Guatamala.  He addresses themes that stem from his experiences growing up as an inner city youth in southern California.  His exhibitiono at his first solo show at Steve Turner Contemporary Gallery last year was provocative and challenging and he is again proving himself to be a rising star in the contemporary artworld, having a second solo show so quickly after the first.  Nery is a visual artist with an activist bent, he believes in using art as a vehicle for raising awareness, initiating dialogue, and driving social change. His work is of a very personal nature about his ethnic and cultural identities and the issues that inhere in his life and in the communities he inhabits.   His work made me reflect on the social issues of today and how after decades of progress things are not changing as quickly as we'd like.

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